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I've been shaping glass over an open flame since April, 2000, when I bought a cheap torch and checked a book out from the local library.
I invited my brother, Elijah Copeland, to come over and help me figure out how to turn it on. Over the next year and a half we bounced ideas off each other and took turns spinning up our first creations.
In 2007 I applied for a vendor space at Scarborough Renaissance Festival and by 2010 I was in Arizona, Scarborough, Colorado, Minnesota and Texas Renaissance Festivals.
As demand surpassed my ability to produce, my friends started asking if they could help. Over the last decade I've trained 10 glass workers who help me produce my designs and keep the booths full.
In 2015 I started attending the marble specific art shows, Marble Weekend at Wheaton Village, NJ, and Marble Masters in SoCal.
I attended my first "Flame Off" in 2015 at Sonoran Glass School in Tucson, Az.
I won the People's Choice award!
At the 2016 Marble Weekend I won first place at the Flame Off, and again notched a first place win at Sonoran Glass in 2017!
Each of these accomplishments have been unexpected, and I remain humbled and honored to be able to create objects that are beautiful and desirable.
In 2016 I added the last show to my schedule, The Maryland Renaissance Festival! 


"The things we know the best are the things we haven't been taught"

Luc de Clapiers





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